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Affordable Housing Crisis Hits Home

Updated: Apr 12

NKDTC members stepped up to help support Afghan refugees when Matt McCoy organized a drive to collect and distribute clothing, housewares, and furniture last December. NK residents responded generously and helped one family move into temporary housing here in town. Now, the challenge is to find affordable housing so this family can remain here in North Kingstown, the town that has become their home -- and it is a daunting task.

This is a worthy family. Already the father works long hours -- for low pay with no benefits, as is typical for new immigrants. With no car, he bikes to and from work on busy roads in all weather. Evenings he studies English online. The mother also takes ESL classes and keeps the household spotless and cheerful, gratefully nurturing small gifts like houseplants. The two older children are thriving at school and put themselves "out there" to communicate in English, undaunted by mistakes. Based on how the preschooler gleefully repeats English phrases, he understands a lot and will be fluent before we know it. Watch this video to see them all in action.

We have been looking everywhere for housing for this family of 5. If you know of a 2+ bedroom rental available anytime before JULY 1, please contact Bob Vanderslice, bvanderslice@cox.net.


The lack of affordable housing in North Kingstown is not unique. Each year, HousingWorksRI publishes a report on the critical lack of affordable housing in Rhode Island. The report’s findings will not surprise anyone who has been looking to rent or buy a home anywhere in the state. In NK, demand for affordable housing far exceeds the supply even with the construction of new developments, like Reynolds Farm off Post Road.

Some apartment buildings and housing complexes receive federal subsidies to provide homes for individuals and families who meet income and other eligibility criteria. Families that meet these criteria can apply to be put on a waiting list. Afghan refugee families qualify for subsidized housing, but in North Kingstown, wait times for all subsidized housing units are estimated to be a minimum of three years, eight years in some cases.


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