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An invitation to decline

Jennifer Lima, My name is John Carlevale. I am the executive producer of the television show State of the State.
In response to the rising interest in Critical Race Theory, we have conducted interviews about the topic. Unfortunately, we are lacking the perspective of an advocate. I believe no topic has been adequately discussed, until various points of view have been included.
Your being an advocate for Critical Race Theory, I invite you to be interviewed on State of the State so you may share with our viewers your perspective.
I have set aside Tuesday, October 12 at 5:30 to 6:00 PM for your interview.
I hope you will accept my invitation and help educate our viewers about your point of view.
Attached are directions to the studio.
I eagerly await your reply.
John Carlevale, Executive Producer, State of the State

My reply:

Mr. Carlevale,
Thank you for your invitation to appear on State of the State. Unfortunately, I will have to decline. Given Mr. August’s 8/31 interview with NK Town Councilor Mary Brimer, I have no confidence that he would be an impartial interviewer. But here is a statement you are welcome to read on the air.
You can ask 10 different people what the definition of Critical Race Theory is and you will get 10 different answers. It’s not as if we are discussing whether ketchup belongs on scrambled eggs. You and I agree on what scrambled eggs are and what ketchup is. (Hard no by the way.)
The vagueness matters because it allows people to imagine things that are simply not happening and imagine things about me that are simply not true.
When asked about the potential recall effort on the Dan Yorke Show, I told him that, “CRT is a legal theory. It’s not something we are sitting down with kindergarten students and teaching. I am not advocating bringing CRT into the classrooms in North Kingstown. Am I saying we need to be bringing age-appropriate and accurate lessons on historical issues? Absolutely. But that’s not critical race theory.”
I do not believe in shaming anyone for anything. I don’t believe that one race is inherently oppressed and another is an oppressor. I am not anti anybody or anything except maybe anti-hate and anti-bullying. I think that we can do a better job of preparing our children to go out into a world that is much more diverse than NK. I want ALL children to be in a school where they feel seen, supported, and valued.
Again, thank you for the invitation. Please read my statement if/when you mention that I declined to appear on your show.
Jennifer Lima


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