• North Kingstown Democratic Town Committee

Budget update from Town Council President Greg Mancini

On March 15th the North Kingstown Town Council unanimously passed a preliminary budget of $121,722,837. This represents a 2.24% property tax increase with a 3.46% increase in the general fund budget. Most of the increase can be attributed to the following:

• Fully funding the school department's operational request

• $100,000 increase in town contribution to the school capital improvement budget

• $750,000 for reinstating our town paving program

• $250,000 contribution to our post retirement benefit obligations (we did not make this contribution last year)

• $304,000 Significant increase in P&L insurance

• $154,000-new playground at Wilson and McGinn Parks, and the beach campus

• $49,841-New leased police vehicles

• $94,696-New leased public works vehicles

• $50,000 to assess the feasibility of a new public safety complex, recreational center, and/or municipal office building.

• Implementing the 4-platoon system to the fire department (now a state law requirement)

• Restoration of the Gilbert Stuart Bridge

• New bus for the senior center

• Full property revaluation (required by state law)

• Instituting Police bike patrol (new)

• In addition, the water department and golf courses will undergo significant improvements that will be paid for by their own self-sustaining budgets.

There will be a public hearing on the budget to hear citizen input on Monday, April 14, 2021. The public is invited to speak on the town portion of our budget at 6:30 PM and on the school portion at 7:00 PM.


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