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Greg Mancini: Why I'm running for Town Council (again)

From the NK Democratic Town Committee endorsement application form:

1) Why do you want this position? Please include what specific initiatives you would want to

accomplish if you are elected.

I want this position in order to continue to do the good work that the last 2 councils I sat on started. Specific examples include:

  • Completing the renovation of our historic town hall;

  • Increasing funding for education (I voted to increase funding for schools all 4 years on the council);

  • Continued prudent oversight of our town finances (for example our town’s surplus grew 80% since the first year I was in office, also 5 years in a row of a balanced budget);

  • Minimizing lawsuits against the town;

  • Continued improvements to town parks, including planned improvements to Yorktown Park;

  • A new recreational center;

  • Sidewalks on Post Road and West Main St;

  • Continued oversight of our water quality;

  • Advocating for open space purchases;

  • Completing another forum on growth and quality of life in NK;

  • Continue to work on Post Road development;

  • Complete the Wickford Elementary School and train station residential complexes;

  • Restoring professionalism to the council and getting a number of unanimous bipartisan votes on a number of controversial issues (i.e. water quality improvement);

  • And work with the school committee to resolve the fat testing issue in the best interests of the community as well as in hiring a superintendent that will allow our community to move forward.

I invite you to go to my web site to see a complete list of the town’s accomplishments since I was elected in 2018.

2) What experiences from your life have prepared you for this position and would help you

be effective in this role?

My experience as a parent, a volunteer on numerous boards and commissions, an attorney, and as a lobbyist has prepared me to make a positive contribution to the council and to the town. And I believe our accomplishments (see answer to question 1) over the past three and one half (3 1⁄2) years demonstrates that I have been effective.

3) What specific value would you add to either the existing Town Council or School

Committees going forward?

More than anything else, the value I add is that I deeply care about our community, my absolute fidelity is to our town; and because of that I am willing to put in the time it takes to campaign and to govern. And I think my track record demonstrates that I am willing to not only put the time in for myself, but also to assist others who want to make a positive contribution to our community.

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