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  • Tom Sgouros

GrowSmart RI: The Power of Place

Cool event in a couple of weeks, from Grow Smart RI:

The Power of Place Summit was designed to provide inspiration and education so you can put smart growth principles into action. Every two years, we convene 500+ attendees across a wide range of industries to gain insights, engage in dialogue, and make connections.

Through innovative place-based strategies and a range of new funding opportunities, we can tackle our acute housing crisis, climate change, social, racial and environmental justice, post-COVID recovery and community revitalization without displacement. Our daylong, statewide conference focuses on the assets and strengths that contribute to our state’s exceptional quality of place.

We’re especially excited to feature an inspiring keynoter, internationally recognized smart growth strategist and tactical urbanism expert Mike Lydon. Mike will share his extensive research on the new opportunities and imperatives for smarter growth catalyzed by the pandemic during his talk, “Strong, Healthy and Vibrant Communities in a Post Pandemic World.”

Planning always seems a little abstract, but someone once pointed out to me that the great cities of the world didn't happen by accident. Our future is what we plan for today.


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