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  • Tom Sgouros

Guns Guns Guns

A bunch of sensible gun control bills are floating around the statehouse this week, and though it may seem incredible after the last couple of weeks' carnage in Buffalo and Uvalde these bills really need some help getting to the floor for a vote. And let's not forget to mention Taft, Oklahoma, Henderson, Nevada, Chattanooga, Tennessee, West Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Stanwood, Michigan, Anniston, Alabama, Memphis, Tennessee, Colorado Springs, Malabar Florida, Tulsa, Oklahoma, and others. These are all places where more than four people were shot since the shooting in Uvalde.

June 3 is National Gun Violence Awareness Day, and here's how to commemorate it: please make a call to House & Senate Leadership to support the package of RI gun safety bills.

The package of gun safety bills include:

- Assault Weapons Ban (House Bill 6615, Senate Bill 2224)

- High Capacity Magazine Limit - 10 Rounds (House Bill H6614, Senate Bill S2653)

- Safe Storage (House Bill 7300, Senate Bill S2734)

- Prohibit Open Carry of long guns (House Bill H7358, Senate Bill S2825)

- Raise the Age from 18 to 21 to buy a long gun (House Bill H7457, Senate Bill S2637)

Please MAKE A CALL on June 3rd. The 2A (second amendment) people are definitely driving calls to the State House, and we need to outnumber them. It takes just a few minutes to call and leave a message.

Here are some examples of talking points you can use - choose one that resonates with you if needed:

1) These bills have been lingering for ten years without any movement - it's time for a vote on the package of gun safety bills!

2) We have a Democratic majority in the General Assembly, and we have the votes on the floor - please show leadership on this issue and put the package of gun safety bills to a vote!

3) There have been 20+ mass shootings since Uvalde - it's time to act before something happens here in RI. Put the package of gun safety bills to the floor for a vote.

4) Today (June 3rd) is National Gun Violence Awareness Day - more than 110 Americans die each day from gun violence. It's time to act now - put the package of gun safety bills to the floor for a vote.

Our Calls:

1) House Speaker Joseph Shekarchi (401) 222-2466

2) Senate President Dominick Ruggerio (401) 222-6655


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