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Latest Letters to the Editor

The North Kingstown Democrats are a published and prolific pack of letter writers, with a fondness for alliteration, it appears!

Many of our members have recently been published in the popular “Letter to the Editor” sections in The Independent, the Standard Times, and the Providence Journal.

We hope that you steal a minute to read this latest crop of letter and thanks to those who have written letters and to the newspapers that have published them.

Earle and Briody Would Serve our Schools Well

Sarah Kelly-Palmer

July 21, 2022

Published in the The Independent

Please join me in getting to know two new candidates for North Kingstown School Committee.

As a parent of a middle schooler in the NK schools it is important to me that we elect candidates to the school committee who have the best interests of our children and youth at heart. Erin Earle and Tom Briody are two of those people.

Erin Earle is a smart and passionate parent who is running for school committee to help rebuild the scholastic reputation of our school district to one that is exemplary. Erin’s experience working for the State of Rhode Island and in education makes her uniquely prepared to help accomplish this. Erin also attended elementary, middle, and high school in North Kingstown.

Tom is running on a platform that includes supporting a modern school curriculum, fiscal responsibility, a focus on mental health of students, ensuring the overall safety of students, and making sure that all voices are heard and all students are treated fairly. Tom’s experience as a practicing attorney, as well as a parent of three, will bring skills to the school committee that can contribute to the success of our schools.

I encourage all of my neighbors to get to know these candidates who are stepping up to the plate of our kids!


Study the Candidates and then Vote

Norman Fortin, Beatrice McGeoch, and Jennifer Lima

July 28, 2022

Published in The Independent and the Providence Journal

Election season is here, and we are writing to encourage everyone to be alert to antidemocratic candidates at all levels of government, including elections for local school committees and town councils. Democracy has to be a regular practice; we can not 'set it and forget it,' and in election season, the best way to practice democracy is by getting to know the candidates and exercising your right to vote.

Ask your candidates where they stand on the issues of bodily autonomy, indigenous sovereignty, Black Lives Matter and full and equal rights for the LGBTQ+ community. Quality answers will be specific and include policy recommendations, ideas to fund public projects, and examples of similar work from other communities. If they can’t or don’t answer to your satisfaction, keep looking for ones who can.

The statewide primary is on Tuesday, Sept. 13, and the general election is on Tuesday, Nov. 3. Now is not the time for complacency or overconfidence. Please take the time to reach out and ask your candidates specific questions, and please take the time to vote.

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