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  • Matt McCoy

Matt McCoy: Why I'm running for Town Council

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

1) Why do you want this position? Please include what specific initiatives you would want to

accomplish if you are elected.

I wish to be elected as a Councilor on the North Kingstown Town Council because North Kingstown is my home and I want to be a part of governing it. I believe that democracy is a participation sport and that it is important for citizens like myself to play active roles in their communities, including putting themselves forward to serve in elected or appointed office.

2) Why do you want this position? Please include what specific initiatives you would want to

accomplish if you are elected.

My combined 40+ years of military (officer to enlisted), professional, and non-profit volunteer experience has prepared me to succeed and govern effectively as an elected member of the North Kingstown Town Council. In the military, I progressed in rank through a continuous number of jobs each with increasing authority, responsibility, and accountability. Through my education and as a Principal Systems Engineer working for Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems, I acquired the business acumen needed to be effective as a town councilor. As a volunteer member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States, a Congressionally chartered non-profit organization, I successfully served in a number of state leadership roles, including my present position as the State Adjutant. In this capacity, I oversee the administrative operations of the Department of Rhode Island composed of three Districts, 24 Posts, and 2,800 members.

3) What specific value would you add to either the existing Town Council or School

Committees going forward?

I believe that the biggest value that I bring to the existing Town Council is an objective perspective on the issues that affect our town. Unlike Councilor Kerry McKay and his family, I have only lived in North Kingstown since 2004. Because of my military service, I moved frequently and had the opportunity to live and work in many different communities and see how they were governed. For example, the City of Virginia Beach, Virginia, was my home for many years. Many of the issues (e.g., development, environmental, schools, etc.) being debated here in North Kingstown are issues that were also of concern in Virginia Beach. Similarly, I saw these issues when I lived in San Diego, California.

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