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NKTC Meeting: June 23, 2024

The North Kingstown Town Council meeting of June 23, 2024 featured a public hearing, an updated presentation and a number of other matters. As always the views expressed are Larry Mandel's and others may see things differently.


The long-proposed Electricity Aggregation Plan was discussed in a public hearing, with some witnesses supporting and others questioning the plan that would make Good Energy the default provider, with opt-outs possible.  Under the plan Rhode Island Energy would continue to support as well as bill customers and manage infrastructure, while the Aggregator would purchase and supply the power.  Council deferred endorsing the proposal until it can obtain more information about how the plan is working in Illinois, where it has been in effect for some 11 years, and other locations.


Council received an update on the town’s Hazard Mitigation Plan.  Public input has been requested as part of the plan, and a web site will remain open for at least another week, due to a technical glitch that prohibited completion of the survey for a short time. 

The website is  Responses will help town administration update priorities in managing this important and complex topic. 


A first reading was held on the proposed Public Safety project that would include new police and fire stations, with a $60 million bond to go on the November ballot. The second reading and discussion will be held at Council’s July 15 meeting; residents are welcome to come to that session to express their views.


According to the Town Manager, 2025 tax bills will be mailed out this week and will be available online July 1. He advised there will be no tax increase this year. He reported the Police Department has designated its first officer with the sole responsibility of traffic management and calming, as the new Police Chief prioritizes traffic safety. And he urged residents to enjoy July 3 fireworks at the beach as well as the regular Tuesday evening concerts.


Council asked the Town Clerk to review the composition of Board and Committees – especially those with long-term vacancies – to make recommendations as to whether membership might be reduced to reflect public interest. The Economic Development Advisory Board, for example, is one of several committees with long-term vacancies for Alternate members.


Finally, Council voted to defer its previous decision to exercise the option to re-purchase the Old Town Library on Brown Street for the time being, as it considers the best course of action regarding the property.


The full video of the meeting can be seen on the town’s website.


Larry Mandel

Town Councilor


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