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  • Larry Mandel

NKTC Meeting Minutes: January 8, 2024

The January 8, 2024 Town Council meeting had a comparatively light agenda. The summary

below reflects my views of the highlights; others of course may see things differently. As

always, the meeting is available to watch on the Town’s website.


We voted to adopt an amendment to our Ordinances making the Conservation Commission

responsible for ground water as part of their charge, in the process adopting several language

changes suggested by Commission and Groundwater Committee members to clarify roles and



We accepted the resignation of Tom Briody from the School Committee. The work of the

School Committee is critical to our town and the future of our children, and we encourage

anyone interested in filling this position until November’s election to please contact the Town

Clerk. Deadline for applications is January 19.


Council received the RI Ethics Commission Advisory Opinion finding no conflict of interest for

the Council President to participate in activities related to a school or municipal bond or

construction project. President Mancini made a plea for citizens to act respectfully towards

each other and particularly toward elected officials, noting that social media is often a platform

for anonymous (and sometimes venomous) accusations. He noted that three School

Committee members have resigned in the past 17 months, and another has received death

threats. President Mancini urged that we are better than this as a community, and asked that

we all take it upon ourselves to upgrade the quality of our discourse, professionally and



And while we were overall very pleased with the results of the 350th Kickoff Ceremony at the

Town Hall, a TANK representative noted accurately that there were no Native American or

women speakers, and that absence reflected poorly upon the town.


And finally, I will be hosting Office Hours next Wednesday, January 17 from 10:00 – 11:00 a.m.

at the Town Hall on Boston Neck Rd. All are welcome to come share their thoughts and views;

no appointment is necessary.

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