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NKTC Meeting Minutes: June 10, 2024

The June 10 North Kingstown Town Council (NKTC) meeting was noteworthy, especially concerning three difficult issues, as well as meeting the new Library Director, Megan Weeden, and receiving the Town Manager’s report of progress on a whole range of activities. As always these are TC member Larry Mandel's observations and others may have observed things differently.

  1. The Old Town Library: The buyer of the Old Town Library on Brown Street has not been able to meet the terms of the purchase and sale agreement that require construction and modernization of the building. The town has an option to re-purchase the property; Council authorized our Town Manager and attorney to enter into discussions with the buyer over exercising that option.

  2. Quidnessett Country Club (QCC) seeks to have the Coastal Resource Management Council approve a technical change to the water classification of the Bay adjacent to part of their land so that they can remediate erosion that is affecting their golf course. The town’s Conservation Commission and Harbor Management Commission both voted (4-1 and 6-0) to object to the change, which could exonerate actions QCC took without authorization. The Commissions’ concerns are based on the impact upon adjacent areas, precedent the change would set for other landowners to act without authorization, and the absence of detailed information in QCC’s application. While noting its sympathy with QCC for the erosion, Council voted 2-1 to endorse the Commissions’ objections to the water change (Council President Mancini recused himself from deliberations due to a possible conflict and Councilor Anderson was absent due to a family emergency).

  3. Pride Flag: Council was asked to decide whether to allow the Pride flag to be flown on town buildings during the month of June, which has been established as Pride Month by Presidential and Gubernatorial proclamations, as well as the Rhode Island legislature. While all Council members support the goals of Pride Month and have personally participated in events supporting it, at the recommendation of legal counsel we adopted a policy that limits public display to the official flags of the United States, Rhode Island, North Kingstown, and MIA/POW. Council also agreed to place an agenda item in support of Pride Month at the next Town Council meeting.

Other Business

  • The Town Manager reported that Wilson and McGinn Park renovations are in their final stages and that the tennis, pickleball, and basketball facilities are expected to be open within days and the skate park by the end of the month. Extensive road paving has been completed at a number of sites and will resume in the fall.

  • Beach concerts on Tuesday evenings will begin on June 11 and continue through August.

  • Fire Chief Kettelle was recognized as Emergency Manager of the Year for his leadership efforts in fighting fires on Block Island and in Exeter.

  • Recreation Director Chelsey Dumas-Gibbs has achieved National Playground Safety Inspector Certification.

  • North Kingstown received a National Lead By Example Award for adoption and implementation of clean energy measures. 

  • Water Director Tim Cranston has announced his retirement effective at the end of July.

  • All town offices will be closed for the June 19 federal holiday.

The full meeting may be viewed on the Town’s website.


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