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North Kingstown Delegation Stands Together

North Kingstown Democratic Delegation Stands Together

September 23, 2021

To the Voters of North Kingstown:

There is an ongoing effort, fueled and funded in large part by unaccountable, out-of-town special interest groups, to undermine the will of North Kingstown voters. As your friends, neighbors, and elected officials, we cannot be silent as misinformation spreads in our community.

School committee member Jennifer Lima was the highest local vote-getter in the 2020 Election. She now faces a potential recall if the petitioners collect more than 3,100 verified signatures.

We - North Kingstown’s Democratic delegation - stand together in our unwavering support for Ms. Lima, our local citizens who elected her, our democracy, and our shared values. Our belief in Ms. Lima’s credibility, integrity, and ethics is founded in simple truths: not by hearsay or word of mouth, but by watching her work, and by hearing her speak in her own words.

Let’s get back to work to improve our schools and strengthen our community. By standing united against unaccountable, out-of-town special interests, we will preserve our right to self-determine our town’s fate. Please, join us: do not sign this petition. North Kingstown deserves our devoted attention and ongoing public service -- not senseless bickering and needless distraction.


Rep. Julie Casimiro

Rep. Robert Craven

Sen. Alana DiMario

Sen. Bridget Valverde

Town Council President Greg Mancini

Town Councilor Katherine Anderson

Town Councilor President Pro-Tem Kimberly Page

School Committee Chair Gregory Blasbalg

School Committee Vice-Chair Lisa Hildebrand

School Committee Member Jennifer Hoskins

School Committee Member Jacob Mather


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