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  • Greg Mancini

ON A ROLL: 9/20/21 Town Council Mtg Recap

Updated: Sep 25, 2021

At the outset the council held a moment of silence for those who lost their lives on September 11, 2001. VFW Post 152, the NK Firefighters, and NK Police were recognized for the moving ceremony they held to honor those who had fallen on 9/11 20 years ago Saturday.

Thereafter the following council business was conducted:

Public Hearings

The council held 3 separate public hearings. Afterwards the following occurred:

  1. The White Elephant located at 7535 Post Road was granted a second hand license.

  2. The Wickford Wine Company located at 4 Brown St was granted victualling, entertainment, and Class C alcoholic beverage licenses.

  3. After testimony from the NK Booster Club and school superintendent Phil Auger, Ph.D.-- who represented that not only the booster club but the school administration and the school committee were in favor of naming the football field after former school AD Richard Fossa, by a vote of 4-1--the council named the field after Mr. Fossa.

Town Expenditures

The town council approved the following expenditures of taxpayer monies:




Emergency repair to FD’s reserve latter truck


Rescue billing acct

Motorola radios for the FD


Rescue billing acct

FF Personal Protective Equipment


FEMA grant

FF Personal Escape System


FEMA grant

300 gallon sprayer for golf course


Town budget

Golf greens mower


Town budget

Outboard engine for harbormaster boat


Harbor equip. acct

Ratification of 2 mowers for public works


Town budget/cap. reserve

Playground equipment for McGinn Park


Town budget/cap. reserve


The town granted 3 exhibition licenses:




Cocumscucssoc Assn

1st Peoples’ Summit Conference / 55 Richard Smith Drive.

Oct. 2, 2021

Dale Dejoy

Fall Fest / Town Beach

Oct. 16, 2021

Nancy Raffi

Women’s March / Town Beach

Oct. 2, 2021

The Town Manager reported:

  • that he and I met with the State Department of Transportation on August 17th to discuss town road construction priorities. DOT informed us that they:

    • will move ahead with the West Main/Post Road sidewalk project in 2023;

    • will send the town a construction and maintenance agreement for the mini-roundabout in Wickford;

    • will work with the town to research bicycle and other transportation from certain areas of town to Wickford Junction;

    • will complete the Devils’ Foot Road project in the Spring of 2022;

    • are working on the Hamilton Elementary School traffic light project; and,

    • are considering a busing pilot program from Wickford Junction to Wickford for the holidays.

  • 100% of the firefighters are vaccinated. Meaning our government is doing its job to protect its citizens.

  • The town will host the state’s Arbor Day celebration on April 29th.

  • The town has formed a subcommittee to discuss a potential recreation center.

Other Important Business:

The town approved a request to submit legislation that will allow the Old and Ancient Rowers Society of Rhode Island to have their property exempted from taxation. OARS is a local non-profit organization that teaches and promotes rowing.

Upcoming meetings are:

Monday, September 27, 2021
Monday, October 4, 2021


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