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  • Tom Sgouros

School Committee Agenda Preview, June 22

There will be a school committee meeting on Tuesday, June 22. These are some of the things on the agenda. (Full agenda here.)

  • The FY22 budget will have its final approval, just in time for the start of the new fiscal year, June 30. You can find the budget itself here. It's worth reading the preamble to see just what the approved expenses for next fiscal year do not cover. It has a good overview of the fiscal pressures on the school department. Read it so you'll know what to say when someone complains about school expenses.

  • There will be acknowledgement of policy changes, lifting some of the emergency declarations the district was operating under due to the pandemic this past year.

  • Finally, there will be the start of the process to name the turf at the new NKHS field for Dick Fossa, the long-time athletic director, who sadly and suddenly passed away last year, on graduation day.


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