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Town Council Meeting: April 24, 2023

The main items on the Council's agenda were the passage of a budget, and public hearings on liquor licenses.

The Town of North Kingstown Town Council adopted the Final Budget for Fiscal Year 2023/2024 as follows:

The Town Council of the Town of North Kingstown adopted the Final School Enterprise Funds Budget for Fiscal Year 2023/2024 as follows:

The Town of North Kingstown Town Council adopted the Final School Restricted Funds Budget for Fiscal Year 2023/2024 as follows:

Restricted Funds $ 6,098,500.00 (special revenue funds)

After the budget, there were hearings to decide if Shayna’s Place, the Frozen Cow/Roy-Boy’s Clam Shack, and Wickford on the Water would be permitted limited liquor licenses. Shayna’s Place withdrew their request, and the Frozen Cow/Roy-Boy’s Clam Shack had no opposition. The longest hearing concerned Wickford on the Water’s request for 49 additional seats on their second floor and additional seating outside. Fifteen people asked to speak on the proposal.

The adjacent abutters spoke against the proposal, as did Main Street resident, Larry Erhardt, and Mike Donohue sent us email. The remaining residents and business owners, spoke in favor of the expansion. The Brito’s, the owners of Wickford on the Water, spoke last. They clarified that the last outdoor seating was at 8:00pm. In response to Wickford on the Water’s use of the Episcopal Church’s parking lot, they stated it was only for staff parking so people would not be coming and going, as their working times are staggered. Their request for the additional 49 seats on the second floor was to eliminate the noise of outside diners by having them inside the restaurant.

The expansion proposal was approved 4-1 with Greg Mancini casting the dissenting vote.

The Council amended ordinances regarding tobacco use and use in public places, to add that marijuana and cannabis were not allowed to be used by minors or in public areas.

The consent agenda included baseball field improvements, a new stove was donated to Cold Springs Community Center, and an Eco-Land Art Installation was approved. The Town fireworks display will be on July 3rd.

Randy Wietman and Will King resigned from the Parades Committee. Both are long term members and stated the chair was the reason for their leaving. They stated the chair does not live in North Kingstown and did not run the committee as they thought it should be run. The chair lives in East Greenwich and appraised the town when he moved several years ago, and two other parade committee members also do not live in town. We accepted the resignation and there are now two openings on the parade committee.

The Town Manager’s report included information on the sale of beach passes began May 1st, the YMCA will supply lifeguards for the beach, Boston Neck Road is being paved by RIDOT from Beach Street to the 138 ramps. Street sweeping started in the northern end of town and will progress to the southern areas. Next year street sweeping will start in the southern areas. The Town received various awards and accolades such as the Fire Department’s help with the Exeter fire, and the nomination for the Lead By Example Clean Energy Award because of our EV Charger’s project, our LED conversion and other projects.

Respectfully submitted, Kim Page


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