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  • Larry Mandel

Town Council Meeting, January 23 2023

Highlights from the January 23 North Kingstown Town Council meeting include:

  • A discussion on legislative priorities with three elected officials: Representative Robert E. Craven (D - District 32); Representative Julie A. Casimiro (D - District 31); and Senator Alana DiMario (D- District 36). The group agreed that school funding is a top priority, as well as other local issues including traffic lights on Route 4.

  • Historic Wickford presented five paintings depicting North Kingstown that will be used to decorate the newly restored Town Hall.

  • A funding update that shows the town is exceeding its budget expectations, due largely to higher interest rates and lower-than-anticipated energy costs.

  • Passing a resolution recognizing and supporting victims of gun violence.

  • Agreeing to the need to revise the town's procedures for monitoring whistleblower complaints.

  • Conceptual designs for modifications to the Fairway Drive Town Hall that, at a minimal cost, would make the space more efficient and pleasant.

Submitted by Larry Mandel


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