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Well Done, Greg Mancini

This has been a challenging campaign season with some in our community intentionally mispresenting my professional life. Therefore, I thought it is appropriate to share this development. In my capacity as legal counsel to the RI Building Trades and chairman of Building Futures I participated in negotiations drafted agreements in which Brown University agreed to utilize "all-union labor, Building Futures support on construction projects over $25 million."

I know of no other university in the country where this has happened.

I do not represent developers nor any workers that do residential construction. I just represent regular hard union working tradesmen/women and contractors who work exclusively on institutional, industrial, and commercial construction projects, and I am proud to do so. To date, only one of these projects has been in NK, and that was at Quonset.

Please more read about this exciting news on News From Brown.

Greg Mancini is the North Kingstown Town Council President ,and you may learn about him here.


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