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  • Katie Anderson


Updated: Oct 25, 2022

You’ve probably heard about disruption at certain municipal meetings lately. You may have seen bullying. Cruelty. Misunderstanding. Indeed, our town has been susceptible to the divisiveness and vitriol affecting communities all across our country.

Thursday night, I sat in on the town Conservation Commission meeting to learn more about their vital work. These citizens have volunteered to serve our community and participate in our democracy. They do so with skill, diligence, and dedication. The work is often unseen. Often thankless. But quietly heroic. Similarly, residents in attendance listened intently and gave thoughtful, constructive comments. Conservation is an important cause for me, and I was heartened and cheered to see those who share that passion hard at work.

I’ve decided to shift focus from those who shout the loudest to include those who work the hardest. I invite you to join me. We can look on, aghast, at the mayhem that strikes our town in our lowest moments — or we can look to the steadfast examples of good citizenry that represent our town in its best moments. If you’ve felt discouraged lately, look to the helpers. Look to those volunteers who sit on our boards and commissions, purely to help our town.

I look forward to attending more board and commission meetings in the future. Thank you to our residents who volunteer to serve.


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