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  • Katie Anderson

"Kids Really Are the Best."

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

So let’s talk about the Easter egg hunt. There were SO many happy kids and families - which was amazing! I didn’t even know NK *had* that many kids. Amazing turnout!

I think for some pandemic-era kids, it probably still feels a little new to be in a crowd that big. Lots of sights and sounds. For the egg hunt itself, the kids wait around a soccer pitch then, at the signal to start, run in to collect as many eggs and toys as they can. I don’t want to say it’s like a real-life Hunger Games but….yeah, it’s a real-life Hunger Games.

Ages 6 and under go first, which is a pretty wide age group. There’s a decent difference between the littlest and biggest of that group, and it’s a little tough for the littlest ones to get the eggs. Our luck was not improved by a grown adult, on hands and knees, collecting every egg she could from my daughter’s vicinity and filling her basket to the brim. By the time we moved, the eggs had all been collected. Luckily we’d gotten a few. No big deal - that’s how these things go. I emphasized for my daughter all the fun we had seeing everyone out having a good time.

And then, as we were about to leave - with my daughter in tears just from being overwhelmed with it all - a girl who was no more than 5 saw us and ran up to my daughter. “You can have one of my eggs!” she said with the sweetest smile, and gently held an egg out for my 3-year-old.

As we drove home, rather than talking about some of the challenges, all my daughter could talk about was how happy that kind girl made her feel. Whoever you are, thank you for making our day special. And to whomever your parents are: thank you for raising such a wonderfully kind and empathetic person.

Kids really are the best.

-- NK Town Councillor Katie Anderson


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