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Kim Page: Why I'm running for Town Council (again)

1) Why do you want this position? Please include what specific initiatives you would want to

accomplish if you are elected.

I moved to North Kingstown in 2004 because the US Navy brought my husband here for his job at the Naval War College. When he retired in 2007, we chose to remain here because NK has great schools and we made friends in the community. I served on the NK School Committee because I believed we should help to make things better rather than complain about what is wrong. I served on the school committee for eight years until my sons graduated from NKHS and then it was time to let someone else make school decisions.

In 2020, I ran for Town Council because I wanted to keep North Kingstown moving in a positive direction for change and good governance. I support small businesses, I support our school system, I want to make sure we carefully consider town growth. I listen to citizens and their views and take notes on what they say, I read all the information we are provided, and I ask questions of our town manager and other directors in order to understand the matters that come to the town council. I will make thoughtful and informed decisions for the future of NK.

2) What experiences from your life have prepared you for this position and would help you

be effective in this role?

I am a RI attorney, so I understand legal issues that towns and communities face. I served on the NK School Committee for eight years and understand the challenges and issues between the two elected bodies, and I will support the educational goals of North Kingstown. I am an educator at the University of Rhode Island and a member of American Association of University Professors with experience in negotiating contracts. I am a mediator for the Center for Mediation and Collaboration RI; thus, I have experience in resolving disputes. I attended almost all of the contract negotiation meetings in the last two years in the resolution of the three town union contracts (police, local and fire.)

I am the president of the board of directors of the NK Food Pantry, so I understand the issues that face people who are not wealthy but live in North Kingstown. I am a good listener and try to understand the issues before I speak about a position.

3) What specific value would you add to either the existing Town Council or School

Committees going forward?

I read all the material that is given to the council and am prepared for every meeting. My experience on the school committee helps to understand the challenges we face and think about how we can work together. I am a team player and listen to the opinions of people in the NKDTC as well as all other citizens.

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