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  • Kahlia Shmerer

Call to Action: Aid in Ukraine

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

The North Kingstown Democrats are committed to helping people in need. That commitment does not end at the edges of our town. We stand with the people of Ukraine and humbly ask our community to consider donating to help fund life-saving aid.

Voices of Children, a Ukraine-based aid organization, provides psychological and financial support to children and families that have witnessed or suffered from war. With help from donations, they are currently providing non-stop assistance to children and families in Ukraine.

Vostok-SOS, a partner of human-rights organization Libereco, is a Ukraine-based organization that started as a volunteer initiative and hotline during the 2014 crisis in Crimea. They are currently helping with evacuations, humanitarian aid, and psychological support.

International Committee of the Red Cross (American Red Cross)

The UN Refugee Agency – USA

Doctors Without Borders

International Rescue Committee

World Central Kitchen

"War is not healthy for children and other living things." --Another Mother for Peace, 1966


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