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Member Spotlight: JOHN GIBBONS

A licensed pilot and mechanic, John was born and raised in Medford, MA, where his father was President of the Board of Aldermen. After moving to RI in 1974, John owned an auto-repair business, drove a school bus, and did so much volunteer work that he earned the 2009 NK Independent Spirit Award.

NK Dems Committee Member Since: 1986

Democrat Since: Birth. "In my family, when you're born, you're told (1) you're a Catholic, (2) you're a Democrat, (3) you're a Red Sox fan."

Community Service in NK: (partial list, *indicates ongoing) NK Town Council, Zoning Board*, Asset Management Commission*, Charter Review Commission, various school committees including NKHS Building Committee; RI Aviation Hall of Fame (Director)*, U.S.S. Saratoga Museum*, St. Bernard's Church*

Career Highlight: Getting the new high school built with a minimum of entrances. "The previous one had grown to nine buildings and 88 doors!"

Favorite outdoor spot in NK: "My own backyard."

Fun fact: After breaking his left hip more than 5 decades ago, he's had it surgically reconstructed once and completely replaced twice.

Motto: "We try to work together and make things happen" (even when we disagree.)


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