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  • Kathleen Layton

TANK Boxes Out Racism

On Friday May 26, Towards an Antiracist North Kingstown (TANK) hosted Boxing Out Racism, a one-hour workout session at Crush Fitness Studios in East Greenwich, Rhode Island. With a suggested donation of $10 per person, the cardio-sculpting workout, inspired by boxing and MMA drills, was a profitable fundraiser that yes, packed a punch.

Planned by North Kingstown resident Grace Duffy, the workout was high on energy and low on judgement. A Crush Fitness regular, Grace knew that the studio enjoys working with local organizations for fundraising classes, so she planned the evening and even selected the type of workout.

“I knew this would be a great fit for TANK because TANK has been looking for ways to partner with local businesses to raise money and awareness,” Grace shared. “TANK raised over $300 from the event and that money will go directly to trying to dismantle racism in our town.”

Jackie DelGizzo, co-owner of Crush Fitness Crush Fitness, led the class of fifteen women⁠—her third class that day! “That’s the life of a trainer,” Jackie joked. Jackie’s energy was palpable as she shared inspirational messages and motivating music for the sweaty hour.

When asked to sum up Crush Fitness Studios, Jackie said “Our motto is ‘A small gym helping you crush big goals’ and that’s exactly what we do and what we did on Friday night.”

Towards An Anti-Racist North Kingstown (TANK) is an organization made up of local Rhode Island students, teachers, parents, and allies dedicated to enacting antiracist policies in North Kingstown. Learn more here.

Crush Fitness Studios is a customer-focused fitness studio with in-person and online programs fitness training. Learn more here.


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