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  • Jennifer Lima

TEACH TRUTH Pledge this Sunday in Wickford!

Join students, educators, parents, and community members on August 29th from 2pm-4pm at the Wickford Town Dock in North Kingstown as we pledge to defend antiracist teaching practices and inclusive and representative curricula, in public schools and beyond. This is part of a national weekend of action organized by Zinn Education Project, Black Lives Matter at School, and the African American Policy Forum:

We live in a world where racial injustice isn’t just historic – it’s ongoing. All people, including students, deserve to be presented with age-appropriate and accurate lessons on historical and contemporary issues that empower them to become critical thinkers, navigate their worlds, and build and create a more just future.

It is more crucial now than ever that we build a strong statewide presence to push back on the mythology and misinformation that is currently being circulated and to reclaim the narrative about teaching and learning.

We will not let our communities be overcome with fear. We will not be intimidated or bullied. We will connect with our families, friends, and neighbors to interrupt misconceptions, defend the truth, and move together in solidarity toward a more just future.

Educators can also join the Zinn Education Project’s national call to teach the truth here:

Read testimony from Rhode Island students, educators, parents, and community members here:



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